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"Book-love... never flags or fails, but like Beauty itself, is a joy forever."

Sunday, May 29, 2005


Hello, how do you do? Welcome to herbookshelf. A site—or rather, a blog—dedicated to what else, books. This is basically where I put book reviews, lists, stories, and whathaveyou. A book log for moi basically, which you can participate in.

This was created by a person (that’s me) who had nothing to do on a Saturday night (sometimes life allows us to be bored) and after drinking ten gallons of water, decided to make a blog about books. I guess you can tell that she’s a bit obsessed (it’s quite scary really) with literature. Mostly though, I got this idea from people around the World Wide Web who talks about books everyday. And I like that, so I thought, hmmm… why not be a dork and make one?

Anyways, before I start babbling about things that are unrelated to books, I should end this now and leave you alone. Don’t forget this blog (it’s really easy to remember. now all righty?

I promise next time, I'll be more serious.

Feel free (but not too free, there’s not much freedom here. ah… I was kidding) to suggest, comment, or anything else in between. As long as it’s about… you guess it, books, of course.

Welcome! Bienvenido! Bienvenue!


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