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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just Read: Teen Idol by Meg Cabot

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Summary taken from the book:
High school junior Jenny Greenley is good at solving problems… so good she’s the school newspaper’s anonymous advice columnist. Even if solving other people’s problems doesn’t make her own—like not having a boyfriend—go away, it’s still fun. But when nineteen-year-old screen sensation Luke Striker comes to Jen’s small town to research a role, he creates havoc that even levelheaded Jenny isn’t sure she can repair… especially since she’s right in the middle of it.
Can Jen, who always manages to be there for everybody else, learn to take her own advice, and find true love?

This book, because of its humor and relatable character, didn’t even take me a week to finish. I finished it in two days! Well, technically, one day because I read it last night and finished it this morning.

The thing I love best about Meg Cabot is how her characters are totally relatable to every teenager in the world. Her story is something that we, teenagers, can say, “Yeah I’m going through the same thing the character does.” It’s not that I don’t find it in any of the other young adult books that I’ve read, but her characters are sooo like me, it’s actually quite freaky. I mean sure I may not be a princess of a small country like Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries, or I may not have saved a president’s life like Samantha Madison in All-American Girl (one of my faves), but I certainly can connect with them through their lack of self-confidence and feeling of invisibility.

Jenny Greenley is no different. I think that of all the characters in Meg Cabot’s novels, she was the one I could most associate with.

For instance she is an inactive student with no interest in extracurricular activities in or outside of school because she would rather read. I think that screams me.

She’s in the school choir not because she has a good voice, but because her friend forced her to sign up with her. I might be in choir next school year, but only because we are required to take one year of performing arts.

She reads all the time. Knowing that I created this book log, I think it’s pretty much obvious that I read all the time too.

She’s good in giving advices to people. Not that I’m being a showoff, but my friends always run to me for help whenever they have a problem. It’s something I’ve always known to be good at. Even when I was younger I’ve always enjoyed giving people advice and it seems like I always have answers to their problems.

Everyone likes her and sees her as a friend even—sadly—with the boys.

“I am so obviously not the type of girl anyone offers a beer to.”

She realized that she’s not living up to her potential and I realized that I wasn’t either when I read this book. I know I can be something more, but it seems like I’m settling for something average. That’s not good, right?

Overall, I liked this book very much because of the character. If I love myself (not in a conceited way, mind you) then why should I not love a character that correlates with me? The story taught me something too. Use your powers to make the world a better place. In Jenny’s case, she used her likeableness to make Clayton High a better place for people who are made fun of like “Cara Cow”.

All I can say is, it was good.

I don’t like ratings, but I give it an 'enthusiastic' 4 anyways.

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