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Friday, June 03, 2005

New Book: All We Know of Love

Book Bought:
All We Know of Love by Katie Schneider

Got it on sale for $3.98 at Barnes & Noble.

From the back:

Jo Sheperd grew up on a farm in the Pacific Northwest under the loving care of her grandfather, Frank. After spending months nursing him through his final, painful illness, Jo receives a vision of the Virgin Mary, who sends her to Italy to live out her dream of becoming an artist. In doing so, Jo must leave behind her home and her best friend, Jack, and risk losing him forever.

In Florence, Jo's intense artistic visions begin to find fruition, but her odyssey is complicated when she meets Chad and Walter, two extraordinary young men. By day, Jo paints--women in marketplace, the view of the Arno from the Piazzale Michaelangelo. At night, both Chad and Walter view for her attention. As the lives of these three friends become more deeply entwined, the revelation of painful secrets threatens to destroy their delicate balance.

It isn't until Jo returns home that she begins to face up to the legacy of her time in Italy, her very real grief for the grandfather she lost, and the prospect of a future with or without Jack.


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